Georgia Reh

I'm a mathematician. I build robots and climb rocks.

Begin Roach Sprint

July 08, 2014

I have cleaned my desk.

I have made the circuit diagrams of my scuttlebot. I am questioning whether or not at this stage it is a good idea to use the H-bridge. I would like to use the H-bridge at this stage, because I want to begin testing and the H-bridge will be necessary at the later stages when I am no longer using the Arduino. On the other hand, I am not yet certain that I can guarantee the transistors will be protected from… actually I am not sure what its called when you conduct through one leg of the H-bridge, but its definitely bad for the transistors. Regardless, I hope this can be resloved in code, but I worry about adding too many nested if statements and creating an unrealistic reaction time.

I have rough draft of (what I believe to be) all states based on eyeball input, motor speed, motor direction, and how the code will use these to manipulate motor speed and direction. I suspect this will continue to be updated.

The next step is testing and preparing all components. This requires a multimeter or oscope. I think I know where to find them.

I also need to ask about shrinking tube and conceptually what needs to be done with the shield.